Our Partners

Training Partners

How we work with Individuals

The Mission would enrol individuals as candidates for skill training in accordance with their aptitude and aspirations. The Mission will administer/implement various Central Government Schemes providing skill training to the individuals. Different schemes have different eligibility criteria and individuals fulfilling the same will be eligible for skill training under that scheme. Click here to view some of the important schemes and their eligibility criteria

How we work with Employers/Industry

The Mission will partner with Employers/industry to understand their requirements of skilled/semi-skilled manpower and would ensure appropriate skill training to meet the same. The Mission will decide suitable programs to meet the local need.

How we work with Skill Training Partners

To ensure that every youth in Punjab has access to our services, the Punjab Skill Development Mission works with a range of skill training partners and colleges to deliver training opportunities across Punjab. The Training partners are selected through NSDC to conform to the Mission standards and ensure training is mapped to the NOS and imparting skills required by the employers. The mission currently has the following training partners empanelled with it. View List

How we work with NSDC

The Mission works closely with partners like NSDC and SSCs to improve employability skills of the beneficiaries of all skill development schemes currently being run by the Government of Punjab through convergence of all schemes and adoption of the National Occupational Standards (NOS), Assessments and Certifications developed by NSDC through its Sector Skill Councils. NSDC provides its resources in holding regular Workshops, Training the Trainers, Capacity building & Course curriculum alignment and works on the following objectives:

  1. Alignment of Course Curriculum of training to the Industry set National Occupational Standards (NOS), set up by NSDC approved Sector Skill Councils.
  2. Selection of NSDC training partners based on the eligibility criteria specified by the government as per various skill development schemes.
  3. Recommendation of sectors and courses/ job roles of National Occupational Standards based on the skill gap report.
  4. Review of current Skill based courses and mapping them to NOS.
  5. Introduction of new Skill based courses, as per the demand of the industry under other vocations.
  6. Conduct assessment and certification through ‘trained assessors’, certified and approved by the NSDC approved Sector Skill Councils.
  7. Implementation of cooperation programs and projects through itself or NSDC approved Sector Skill Council.
  8. Facilitating employment to the students post achieving certification. NSDC will ensure that its Sector Skill Councils and Training Partners who will be participating in the implementation of the programme agree to minimum 70% post training placement of students desiring the same.
  9. Implementation of co-operation programmes and projects through NSDC approved training partners and NSDC approved Sector Skill Council in Skill Based Trainings

How we work with Sector Skill Councils

Punjab Skill Development Mission (PSDM) has initiated the process of partnering with the Sector Skill Councils for accelerating the skill development to achieve the objectives of skill training in the State. The skills shall be delivered based on the District wise demand, Focus Sectors & Aspirations of the youth of the State. PSDM is looking ahead to partner with following SSCs: View List