What we do

The Mission has been involved in the following activities:

Multi Skill Development Centres

  1. Setting up of five Multi Skill Development Centres:
    1. Ludhiana
    2. Amritsar
    3. Jalandhar
    4. Hoshiarpur
    5. Bathinda
  2. Setting up of three Skill Development Centres in Health:
    1. Government Medical College, Faridkot
    2. Government Medical College, Patiala
    3. Government Medical College, Amritsar
  3. Setting up of four Skill Development Centres in Construction:
    1. SAS Nagar
    2. Ludhiana
    3. Jalandhar
    4. Amritsar
  4. Setting up of Skill Development Centres in Agriculture:
    1. Ludhiana
  5. Setting up of Skill Development Centres in Animal Husbandry:
    1. Ludhiana
  6. Setting up of 200 Rural Skill Development Centers.

CSR Initiatives

PSDM is working with Corporate, Foundations, Government, and community-based organizations for mobilizing CSR support for Skill Development initiatives. PSDM CSR Engagements for Skill Development:

  1. Rockman Industries Limited.
  2. ICICI Academy for skills.